Triaxis lineup

The story so far

Triaxis are a heavy metal band from the South West. Formed in 2006, Triaxis self-released their debut full-length album 'Key To The Kingdom' in 2009 to critical acclaim, including plaudits from Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Zero Tolerance as well as coverage and praise from many leading music websites. They have also made numerous radio appearances, including airplay on Bruce Dickinson's BBC Rock Show.

After headline grabbing sets at Hammerfest (2011 & 2013) and Bloodstock Open Air (2009, 2012 & 2015), the band signed to Rocksector Records in 2012 to release their second album, 'Rage and Retribution' (recorded at Foel Studios and engineered by James Stephenson of Stymphalian Productions) once again to critical acclaim. Triaxis have continued to perform extensively across the UK and Europe.

Their first promotional video, for the single 'Black Trinity' (Dir: Adam Stevenson, ASAV), was released in 2013 and has since been nominated for a Pure Rawk Award, alongside a growing number of award nominations for the band members themselves.

2015 saw Triaxis release their third studio album 'Zero Hour' (produced by Glyn Williams, James Stephenson of Stymphalian Productions and Scott Atkins of GrindStone Studios), funded through a PledgeMusic campaign, which achieved 100% of its target in nine hours via unprecedented support from Triaxis fans. This album held the band's second music video in the opening track 'Liberty'(Dir: Adam Stevenson, ASAV), and was followed up by the band's first lyric video, created by Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art - the mournful 'Lest We Forget'.

In 2017 Triaxis hit the ground running with a new line up, continuing to expand their fan base and cement their place in the metal genre.

Band Photo Credit: Andy McCormack

METAL HAMMER - LIVE AT HAMMERFEST 2013 "' Triaxis today are nothing short of miraculous. The huge crowd tells its own story, but it's the quintet's obvious passion and self-belief that makes their set such a joy... 8/10 "

Angel Wolf-Black is a new blood in the UK and the latest addition to the Triaxis family. Her passion for jazz, classical, and metal music has given her the ability to produce a versatile range in her singing, displaying delicate tones as well as sheer power in her voice. Angel is not new to the metal scene, with performances at big festivals and venues across Europe, and several releases with various rock and metal acts in her discography since 2009.

placeholderGLYN - LEAD GUITAR
A member of Triaxis since 2010, Glyn played a huge part in the development of their second and third albums. Having played guitar for 9 years, he lists some of the greats as his key influences, including Marty Friedman and Jason Becker. Glyn exclusively uses Jackson guitars and Randall amplifiers.

placeholderBECKY - BASS
Becky Baldwin has become one of Bristol's busiest bass players, performing around 100 gigs per year with a variety of musical acts. However, her true passion lies in heavy metal and she has been a part of Triaxis since 2014, contributing to the third album 'Zero Hour'. Becky uses Rickenbacker basses

placeholderMATT - GUITAR
Matt first picked up the guitar at 16, later on being invited to play bass in both a local metal band and glam rock band. This was short lived, as rhythm guitar has always been where his heart lies, now finding an exciting opportunity in Triaxis. Matt uses DBZ guitars, and Laney ironheart amps.

placeholderGARETH - DRUMS
Gareth first got behind the kit in 1994. An experienced live and recorded drummer who has toured with some of the worlds biggest extreme metal bands, Gareth is relishing the opportunity to sink his teeth in Triaxis' brand of metal after 14 years of playing Death Metal! Gareth uses Mapex Drums and Sabian Cymbals.

Photo Credits: Angel - � Annalisa Russo. Glyn - � Melissa De Meersman. Becky - � Philip Goddard. Matt - � Julie Coterall Photography. Gareth - � JPF London